"Make things as simple as possible,

but no simpler."

 Albert Einstein (1879-1955)



The basis for a PowerPoint presentation is a


which really works.


The corporate image has to be consistent. Support yourself and your employees by providing a template. By doing so, all employees work within the same "framework" and are able to focus on the contents. Slides based on the same template can easily be exchanged between employees and quickly be integrated into different presentations. This is a time saver for you and your employees but only if "it works".

What we mean by "it works" is for example:


  • The main elements should be defined and should not differ from page to page.
  • Identation levels and text boxes should automatically be right.
  • Your corporate design standards should be pre-set.
  • Pages which reappear in almost every presentation should also be defined in the master slides.


Maybe you should check your PowerPoint template. Everything as it should be? Or do you maybe still have an old template in 2003 which in 2007  or higher no longer shows the right colours in the menu?


In case you do not have a template yet, feel free to send us a draft and we make it work for you. Alternatively we can provide you with desigh samples for a template in line with your website and your corporate design.


In addition we can complement your portfolio with templates in Excel and Word.