How to


We are aware of the fact that data is sensitive
hence we have taken all measures to ensure it is inaccessible to third parties.

We are hapy to sign a non-disclosure agreement at any time.



Our prices (net per hour)


Implementing graphic templates into PowerPoint *EUR 55
Conceptual work **EUR 75
Training (customized)on demand
Extra charge for weekend workEUR 25
Extra charge for night work (8 pm - 9 am)EUR 25




*   Creating new documents, revising existing documents, image processing, publications, information memos, animation and linking.


**  Designing charts frome mere text, creating templates, chart libraries, documentation.



Orders are placed by phone or eMail (if you order by eMail please wait until you receive an eMail confirmation).


Please provide us with all relevant data (phone number, eMail address, time frame, deadline, ) and you/your employees will receive our Initial time estimate.


To deal with your order we generally need:

  • A fax with page numbers containing the total number of pages in the first page
  • The current template to be used for the presentation
  • The current presentation for proof-reading/changes or if pages are to be inserted
  • Charts, tables, phots and Images unless we are meant to provide those.
  • Existing Pdf files or original Excel tables might also come in handy.


An employee responsible for your order will usually be available by phone especially when it comes to narrow time frames.


Unless agreed otherwise illegible handwriting will be replaced by a sequence of question marks.


We will notify you at once if after receiving all files and faxes necessary our time estimate should turn out to be too low.


The completed documents will now be forwarded to the person who placed the order or as the case may be to the person indicated in your order.


After reception of the documents


    Please make sure you or one of your employees immediately reviews the documents handed over.


If something should be wrong we are happy to make any revisions at once.