"All knowledge consists

of clear and reliable insight."

 Ren Descartes




are part of your knowledge management


How can you make sure that you and/or your employees have a common standard to refer to also in the future? By documenting your standard. By doing so, you achieve transparency and clarity. This is particularly important for new employees. A good documentation will increase the efficiency or your company and your employees.


The documentation of your standards complements your library and completes your basic principles for presentations. We prepare documentations for your PowerPoint and word files. On the one hand those will document and illustrate graphic standards such as font sizes for different audience sizes and stroke weights.


On the other hand also spellings should be documented. Consistency is a valuable asset especially when it comes to business presentations. This also applies to spellings which should be consistent within one company. Do you use ...

... British or American Englisch?

... the 2- or 3-letter country code of the DIN EN ISO 3166-1 standard when abbreviating countries?

... the international abbreviations or the symbols as , $ for currencies?

... or do you have a list of measurements and their correct abbreviations in English and German?


All of that can be compiled to form your documentation. Together with the library your documentation will give all employees a very good overview of your company standards.